About Us

The "Bible Companion" is simply a reading plan, with which to read the whole Bible in a year. From that came the "Bible Companion" app, with the text of the NEV Bible, audio, commentary on every verse of the Bible, sermons and youth messages on every chapter of the Bible, along with the "Bible Basics" study course. You can download it free. It has no ads nor popups. Hndreds of thousands of people have downloaded and use this app. Those people wanted to get in touch with each other. And so, it became a virtual church. Around the clock, humble Bible readers are here fellowshipping each other. Come join us!

Pastoral Team

We are a group of people from all over the world, who all have a passionate belief in the Lord Jesus. But we all saw there was a lot lacking in the standard churches we observed, doctrinally, morally etc. We devoted ourselves to the Bible and to a focus upon our Lord Jesus and the things of His Kingdom. We are sceptical of people using Christianity to get money out of people, and so we teach and preach without payment and without fear of offending supporters. And... well, sincere people seem to like it and come to us for straight up, no frills Bible teaching and live fellowship.


We don't think doctrine alone saves anyone, but on the other hand, God has spoken. It us for us to correctly interpret Him. With tolerance towards any who differ.


Our first focus is upon the Lord Jesus. This is what it is, to be a Christian.